Back to School Time

Thursday is my first day of the Fall 2011 semester.  I am taking two classes at the University of Miami towards my Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degree.  The first is “Theories of the Universe” and the second is “Perspectives of Human Nature”.  It seems like they will both be A LOT of work including extensive reading.  In addition to the seven books in the photo, I am still waiting on four more race to class, 6:25-9:05pm.  Needless to say these will be VERY long days.  The more prepared I am the better.  The following is the list of my Back to School essentials.

  • 2 Subject Notebook
  • Durable Folder with pockets
  • UM Campus Map
  • Textbooks
  • Pens (my favorite is the Pilot G-2 0.38)
  • Mechanical Pencils
  • Highlighters
  • White-out Tape
  • Post-its
  • Flash Drive
  • Umbrella (for unpredictable Florida weather)
  • Scarf (to stay stylish and warm in cold classrooms)
  • Change purse with quarters (for vending machine emergencies)
  • Kashi Granola bars (for a healthy snack)
  • Gum and/or breath mints (Icebreaker Wintergreen is my fave)
  • Advil (for unpredictable headaches, cramps, etc.)
  • Pocket Mirror (to check for nose boogies, eye goobers, etc.)
  • Refillable bottle of water

Photo taken by Instagram


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