Meal Memories: Spanish Tortilla and Coca Cola with Lemon

April 13, 2011 – I spent my 27th birthday in San Sebastian, Spain. It is a sleepy coastal fishing town with gorgeous views of the ocean, delicious tapas restaurants and bakeries galore. We had been trekking all over Barcelona and Paris and were pretty exhausted by this point. We took advantage of my birthday and finally slept-in, ordered room service and watched the only English TV channel airing random episodes of Family Guy, Bones, Desperate Housewives, and Modern Family.

By 4pm we finally crawled out of the hotel and ventured into town. It was too early for dinner (restaurants do not open for dinner in Spain until 7pm or later) so we decided to find a snack in the meantime. We seated ourselves at a small casual outdoor cafe. The locals were enjoying bottles of wine, beer, espresso, you name it. The only food they were serving at this time were Spanish Tortillas. It sounded okay so we ordered two. We also ordered two Cokes. (Coke Zero for Fern, he only drinks diet. I can’t stand the taste of the substitute sugar. We will never share a soda, ha.) One of my favorite parts of Europe was the addition of a slice of lemon to each soda. I can’t explain the excitement of my taste buds at such a small gesture but now I try to replicate it at home to bring me back to my “happy place”.  Soon the warm buttery tortillas finally arrived at our table, each with a fresh piece of baguette. The tortillas had a thin slices of ham and cheese in the middle of the potato, onion and egg concoction. It was the perfect temperature, the perfect texture and totally hit the spot. I was voracious by this point but forced myself to slow down and enjoy every morsel. We had plenty of tasty and enjoyable meals in Europe but this was the most memorable and special. Maybe next year for my birthday I’ll request an entire Tortilla instead of a cake!

P.S. I printed this picture and attached it to our refrigerator. Every time I see it my mouth waters… Probably a bad idea but the memory makes me happy 🙂


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