DIY: Candlesticks & Lamps

When my boyfriend and I moved-in together it became quite a challenge to combine all of our mismatched belongings in an organized manner.  To create a sense of cohesiveness I bought 3 brass candlesticks ($3 each) and two brass lamps ($8 each) at a local Goodwill Superstore.  I spray-painted them each with two coats of the “Carbon” colored Rustoleum Metallic Paint and Primer in One.  Although each candlestick and lamp are a different design, the matching color brings a consistent style to our small cozy home.

You will need:

  • Sandpaper
  • Acetone
  • Old rag
  • Tarp
  • Spray paint with primer



Candlesticks and Lamps before: 








  1. Layout your tarp outside (because of paint fumes) on a flat surface: table, sidewalk, driveway, etc.  (I used an old piece of plywood my dad had laying around and placed it on top of an old table on our patio.)
  2. Take the candlesticks apart and remove the light fixtures from the lamps.
  3. Carefully and meticulously sand the surface of each candlestick and lamp getting into every nook and cranny.  (This will help the paint to stick.)
  4. Clean off the dust and any candle wax residue with acetone using an old rag.
  5. Put the candlesticks back together and set them upside down for the first coat.
  6. Spray a solid first coat on each candlestick and let dry for several hours.  (I waited overnight.)
  7. Turn the candlesticks upright, spray paint the second coat, and let dry.
  8. Reattach the light fixtures to the lamps and add lampshades (I got mine from Target).
  9. Ta dahhhh!

Dining Room Chandelier Wall Decal

The apartment my boyfriend and I are renting in Coral Gables was (thankfully) painted beautiful neutral shades so all of our random furniture and colors blend well. We have lived here for about three months but have yet to hang anything on the walls. (And to tell you the truth, we are still unpacking.) Our dining and living room is one big space. I have been searching for something unique to hang on the wall our pub-style dining room table sits against to help separate it from the TV area. Then, Eureka!, I found a black chandelier wall decal at It was fairly easy to assemble and I am very happy with final product.

Here are some tips for for applying it to your wall. This is what you’ll need:

  • My Life My Wall Peel and Stick “Rhinestone Chandelier” Wall Decal
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
  • Black Sharpie
  1. Measure the width of the wall to find the center. Use your pencil to mark it.
  2. Unpeel and carefully stick each of the four decal pieces to the wall.

  3. I found that decals 3 & 4 did not exactly align to decal #2 exactly perfect. I filled in any gaps with the black sharpie.
  4. It came with rhinestones to stick to the bottom pieces but I chose not to use them for a more simplistic style.

*There are also several shops on Etsy that make all sorts of beautiful wall art decals large and small. You can check them out here: