Rain? Bring it.


I’m in love with this sassy umbrella made by Canadian store, Raindrops. I generally do not spend much thought or money on my rain gear. Mainly because I break or lose umbrellas easily. I decided that I need to change this attitude since it rains almost every afternoon here in Florida. Walking around with a jankity umbrella is not cute. In case you were wondering, “Merde Il Pleut” means “Sh*t, it’s Raining” in French. Genius.

You can get it for $45 Canadian dollars here:



Bathroom Stall Inspiration


It’s funny where inspiration is found.  During a bathroom break from class tonight I found this quote written on the back of the door in the bathroom stall. (Yes, I whipped out my iphone in the stall.)  I wonder what provoked this girl to write this.  I’d like to think it was a selfless act to inspire others that found it.  If that was the case, mission accomplished.  Thank you, stranger.  I needed that.

eos lip balm

eos lip balm - summer fruit

Lip balm is a crucial piece of my daily beauty regimen.  Before my trip to Europe last April I took a chance and bought eos Lip balm in Summer Fruit.  It’s spherical packaging caught my eye.  I knew I would not lose it in the giant Longchamp “Le Pliage” tote I would be dragging around Spain and France.

Now, you must understand that I am quite particular when it comes to my lip balm/chapstick selection.  It cannot be too sticky, too greasy, too medicine-flavored, etc.  I’m happy to report Eos’s lip balm satisfied all my requirements.  Summer Fruit is a light sweet berry flavor and glides on smoothly and moisturizes just enough.  I also like to use it before applying any bright lip color or after applying lip stain for a nice sheen.  It also comes in additional flavors: Lemon Drop SPF 15, Strawberry Sorbet, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Medicated Tangerine, and Sweet Mint.  The next time I’m at the store I plan to pick up the Lemon Drop since it has SPF 15.  Living in Florida you can never be too careful.  It will be perfect for this weekend’s Labor Day pool parties and BBQ’s.  We are also planning a Breckenridge ski trip for January 2012.  I think the medicated Tangerine will be the perfect solution to the cold dry windy weather.

The best part about these lip balms is they are only about $3 each and can be easily found at drugstores, grocery stores and Target.


Dining Room Chandelier Wall Decal

The apartment my boyfriend and I are renting in Coral Gables was (thankfully) painted beautiful neutral shades so all of our random furniture and colors blend well. We have lived here for about three months but have yet to hang anything on the walls. (And to tell you the truth, we are still unpacking.) Our dining and living room is one big space. I have been searching for something unique to hang on the wall our pub-style dining room table sits against to help separate it from the TV area. Then, Eureka!, I found a black chandelier wall decal at Target.com. It was fairly easy to assemble and I am very happy with final product.

Here are some tips for for applying it to your wall. This is what you’ll need:

  • My Life My Wall Peel and Stick “Rhinestone Chandelier” Wall Decal
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
  • Black Sharpie
  1. Measure the width of the wall to find the center. Use your pencil to mark it.
  2. Unpeel and carefully stick each of the four decal pieces to the wall.

  3. I found that decals 3 & 4 did not exactly align to decal #2 exactly perfect. I filled in any gaps with the black sharpie.
  4. It came with rhinestones to stick to the bottom pieces but I chose not to use them for a more simplistic style.

*There are also several shops on Etsy that make all sorts of beautiful wall art decals large and small. You can check them out here: http://www.etsy.com/category/housewares/wall_decal


A friend had me listen to this song about a month ago. I now find myself listening to it on repeat often. I think it’s the sweet carefree melody, gentle whistle, and honest southern voice. It seems not from this era. Especially as everything on the radio these days is filled with electronic sounds and auto-tune adjustments. When stressed or overhwhelmed it reminds me to relax and that everything’s going to be okay.

“Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros*

Alabama Arkansas I do Love my Ma and Pa
Not the way that I do Love you

Holy Moly Me oh My your the apple of my eye
Girl I’ve never loved one like you

Man o Man your my best friend I scream it to the nothingness
there ain’t nothing that I need

Hot and Heavy pumpkin pie
Chocolate candy Jesus Christ
Ain’t nothing please me more than you

Home, Let me come Home
Home is Whenever I’m with you
Home, yes I am Home
Home is wherever I’m with you

Lalalala Take me Home
Mama I’m Coming Home

I follow you into the park, through the jungle through the dark
Girl I’ve never loved one like you

Moats and boats and Waterfalls, Alleyways and payphone calls
I been everywhere with you (that’s true)

Laugh until we think we’ll die, barefoot on a summer night
never could be sweeter than with you

And in the streets you run afree,
Like it’s only you and me,
Geeze, you’re something to see.


Lalalala take me home
Mama I’m Coming Home

‒ Jade?
‒ Alexander?
‒ Do you remember that day you fell outta my window?
‒ I sure do ‒ you came jumping right out after me.
‒ Well, you fell on the concrete, nearly broke you ass, you were bleeding all over the place, I rushed you out to the hospital, you remember that?
‒ Yes, I do.
‒ Well there’s something I never told you about that night
‒ What didn’t you tell me?
‒ Well, while you were sitting in the back seat smoking a cigarette you thought was gonna be your last, I was falling deep, deep in love with you, and I never told you till just now!


Home, let me come home, home is wherever I’m with you
Home, yes I am Home home is whenever I’m with you!

Alabama Arkansas I do love my Ma and Pa
Yes Home, yes ward! home is whenever I’m with you!
Home is whenever I’m with you.

*Lyrics are excerpted from: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/edwardsharpeandthemagneticzeros/home.html

My favorite Childhood Dessert

I have always been a “desert monster” and one of my favorite sweet treats as a child was a “Vernor’s Float”. My dad used to make these for me when I behaved myself. 0:)


  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 1 can of Vernor’s Ginger Ale per person
  • Flexible straws
  1. Fill each glass with heaping scoops of ice cream.
  2. Add the ginger ale until it foams all the way to the top. As the ice cream melts you can add more Vernor’s.
  3. Enjoy!

Drawing with Charcoal

I am always looking for random enjoyable stress-relieving activities. Last week my mom surprised me with a sketch pad and a set of drawing and charcoal pencils. I used to draw a lot growing up and I have always enjoyed arts and crafts projects of any sort. My mom and her side of the family are quite creative too. I was very excited to try them out and even watched some instructional videos on “how to” use charcoal pencils first. (Yes, I’m a nerd.) I have included photos of my preliminary doodles and typography. Inspired by Jenipher, I’m going to try to doodle at least once a day to keep my creative mind active. You can check out here inspiring doodles here: http://nightlydoodles.tumblr.com/